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Winter 2022/23

Winter is always a busy time for us with numerous projects indoors and outside. Last year Stewart built his dream workshop next to the house to store all his tools,fishing gear and more importantly to eat crisps, drink beer and listen to football on the radio. Sadly his dream only lasted a year.

It was always our plan to convert the barn across the road into a self catering cottage, but due to planning issues that wasn't to be. So his hideaway was to be converted into a self catering lodge. Firstly it needed an extension to house a shower room.

Then the waste need to be dug, straight across the lawn, making it resemble a crash site!

The interior work is going well and we hope to have it open by early Summer.

We have been working on replacing the dining room furniture. We really like to reuse/recycle wherever possible and not contribute to the ever growing landfill. I'm lucky that Stewart is a highly skilled craftsman and can usually bring my ideas to life. I always joke we are a design/build team. So we have been buying old wooden furniture, which is far superior to most modern replacements and reimagining it!

These drop leaf barley twist tables will be reimagined into new fixed top breakfast room tables.

But it's not all work! We love exploring the island during the wild, quiet Winters. Beach walks are our favourite, driftwood collecting, of course we make things with it!

It's great visiting some of the attractions that are popular in the summer and having them all to ourselves. We had been trying to catch either sunrise or sunset at Calanais Standing Stones for ages!

Check back for more updates soon.

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